This is Collingham: Week 7 The Science Museum

It's our final week at Collingham!


On Tuesday and Wednesday classes went to the fantastic Science Museum in South Kensington!

The classes went to different sections of the museum in order to research their topics for the week, complete tasks and find out how science can explain the world around us!

Tania's class: Transport

Tania's class looked at different vehicle types, sizes and shapes.

Sue's class and Susanne's class: Space.

Susanne's class went to The Exploring Space section of the museum.

This week they have each chosen a planet in our solar system.
They are researching their own planet, making posters and creating aliens who might live on the planet to tell us all about it.

Sue's class also went to The Exploring Space section of the museum.

They completed a worksheet and then put what they had learnt into practice in the Launchpad area of the museum.

At Launchpad you can make circuits, build bridges, play with magnets, create kinetic energy, and lots more and the students really enjoyed it.

At the end the class watched a demonstration of a Water Rocket which goes up to 50 mph!
The students acted as assistants in the demo and Guga even got to launch the rocket!

The students will be making their very own rockets and launching them on Friday!

Emilia's class and Becky's class: Who am I?

Emilia and Becky's classes went to the 'Who Am I?' exhibit which is a fantastic and very interesting exhibit focusing on the human body, genetics, our fears, habits, feelings and the way that we live.

Students played with the interactive games, touch screen activities and completed tasks using the information boards and displays.


Becca's class: The Planets & Sound

This week Becca's class are going to put on a fantastic DS Talent Show!

They have been learning about music and sound this week and focusing on the language of presenters in TV Shows.
We are very excited to see what they come up with at the final presentations on Friday.....
We'll keep you posted!