This is Collingham: Week 4 - The Science Museum

Museum Trip!

Today Sue's class, Lisa's class and Becca's class went to The Science Museum

The Science Museum
Exhibition Rd
South Kensington

Sue's class and Lisa's class went to the Exploring Space section:

The Exploring Space gallery contains a host of rockets, satellites, space probes and landers.
There is a section devoted to the thousands of satellites that are orbiting our Earth. There is also a highly accurate, full-sized replica of ‘Eagle’ – the lander that took astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon in 1969.

The students learnt the names of the two huge rockets displayed in the exhibit:
-British Black Arrow
-United States Scout

And the order of the planets in our solar system:

My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Easy (Earth) Method (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Speeds (Saturn) Up (Uranus) Naming (Neptune) Planets (Pluto)


Becca's class went to the 'Who Am I?' exhibit which is a fantastic and very interesting exhibit which focuses on the human body, our fears, habits, feelings and the way that we live.

Students played with the interactive games, touch screen activities and completed tasks using the information boards and displays.

This is Collingham: over and out