Presentations - Week 3

Once again the time of the week has arrived for students to show off all their hard work. We were very pleased with the turn out of family and friends who came to watch our students present their projects and we were even more impressed with the projects that our students had been working on.

When the students were not in their classrooms working hard on their projects, they enjoyed games together during their breaks including a game of Twister! This is a great way for students to meet other students and practise speaking English.

Even the older students and staff got involved and things got extremely competitive...

Once again we had some fantastic presentatoins this week. Mariia gave an awesome presentation sharing some interesting facts about butterflies and demonstrated her amazing photography skills by showing some of her own photos of them!

Nawaf also gave a very interesting presentation about ducks.

Tania's class contiued on with the theme of wildlife photography inspired by a special exhibiton at the Natural History Museum and even had their own mini photography competition with their own photos of wildlife.

Rory's class took a very different approach and focussed on natural disasters - in particular volcanic erruptions. They created these paper mache volcanoes and we even got to see them errupt!

They showed us their very special news report where we got to hear from pretend survivors of volcanic erruptions.


So the presentations mark the end of another fantastic week at Discovery Summer. We look forward to welcoming new students to our Science Museum themed week next week!