Teenagers group's reviews (04-08-2011)

The following post contains reviews of films and one review of a West End Musical, completed by Discovery Summer Teenagers.

We think these reviews are great, so enjoy reading them and if you have time you may wish to check out the films recommended to you too!

Sarah Chamberlain

Musical review by Johan Stettler:

Yes, it really rocks!
I am not a man who likes musicals. But this musical is awesome! I am really lucky that I have seen this. This great musical called “We Will Rock You”.
It is a great and a funny story. It plays in the future and is about Rock. The instruments and the music are all exiled. They can only make music with the computer and programs. But there is one man who wants to make real music and he wants to bring the Rock back. But the evil queen wants to prevent that.
I really like the story. The performance is amazing and the effects too. I never liked the songs in a musical but the songs in We Will Rock You are legendary. All great songs from one of the best bands in the history of rock, Queen. The songs are really awesome.
All actors are very good and costumes are great. The characters are really funny. It’s a fantastic musical and it is for everyone, for young and old people. When you want to see a good musical with good songs and a nice performance that is your best choice.

My rating for We Will Rock You is 9 out of 10.

Film review by Omima Muttawa:

The Pandora planet vill it be in hand of humen or Navie people?
Avatar directed by James Cameron
It's a brilliant movie; it has many explosions, people shot by bullet or arrow , squashed by robots or giant beasts, bitten by wild creatures.
However in Avatar, the military is taking over using shock awe to dominate and control with a ruthless turozing peaceful indigenous the Navie pursitnof resorcorce and wealth.
The planet Pandora has got beatfrul senery floating montions and long revers , the film is sort of since fiction imagination and a fary tale .
Although it has many positive sides, the animations were great you just don,t expect to see some thing like that , the way the director created the creatures the Navie people and the senery it was appsolotly spectacular and wonderfull , the film gasn,t got any negative sides it,s amazing ,it,s a must see film of the year .

I give it 10 / 10.

Film review by Esra and Oemer Topal:

L.A. Flash!
Essentially the movie "Crash" is about racism, prejudice, bigotry and ignorance. But it's also about support, sacrifice and to many stupid coincidences that have a significant impact.

The film features a couple of short episodes from the lives of four policemen, an African-American Hollywood producer and his wife, a choleric Iranian land owners, married couple, a white prosecutor, a Puerto Rican alarm fitter and two small black gangsters. The production is fantastic, the actors were well chosen and the story was illustrated interestingly.For us there were two spine-tingling scenes (the 'wounded girl and the car accident), when I remember the movie these scenes are coming in our mind. In our opinion the movie shows clearly some terrible situations , where people have to deal with it. This film is based on reality and instincts of human beings.

Extremely positive in "Crash" is also the fantastic cast of the roles. Don Cheadle plays his role very well. Matt Dillon also surprised the audience as a very versatile character just like his partner Ryan Phillipe, who can prove in "Crash" now that he is capable of much more than usual.Thandie Newton and Terrence Dashon Howard personally convinced us the most, both touch the audience deeply and can sympathize with them. Sandra Bullock shows that she is able to do more than to fool around. Although her part is quite short, she uses it. We were also extremely surprised when we saw Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges because from a Rapper really no one expects great acting performance. But Ludacris does his job really well and plays a very complex character.

We recommend the movie everyone who is over 16 years old. Our score for that movie is ten out of ten.

Film review by Andrej Novikov:

“Tablets plus brain is very clever brain!”
I think this film has a good affect on people. Also, I think, it teaches us that you can be clever without any tablets...
This film is about the man, whose friend gave him tablets which ups brain work from twenty to hundred per cents.
I think the story of this film have a great sense because it have bad start and good end... visual effects, and music, used in there aren’t really great, so sense is the main.
But on the other hand, this film isn’t for all family because the sense is too heavy for children, I think, children under eleven or twelve years old won’t understand this film.
All the film is about one character. In my opinion, he has a good actor play, so audience can believe him and understand the situation in the film.

So, for me, film is good, maybe somewhere it needs better visual effects, but at all film is not bad. My score is 9 of 10.

Film review by Adema N.:

Do not say the seven-word activation unless you mean it.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) was directed by Steven Spielberg. It is a story about child-android David, who was "adopted" by the human Monica. She lost her son in the car accident. David & Monica have just started getting along with each other, when the miracle happened - her son Martin resurrected! Afterwards Martin came back home, there always were competitions, jealousy between these little boys.
The main idea of the film is based on the well-known fairytale The Adventures of Pinocchio. David was told this little story about a wooden puppet who became a real boy after the fairy turned him. Then he decided to find this unbelievable woman. He was convinced that the Blue Fairy would transform him into a little human-boy, allowing Monica to love him and take back home.
The play of the actors was absolutely gorgeous! Jude Law, who played a Gigolo Joe - companion of little David (Haley Joel Osment), was funny & really careless person who had always dreamt about Casinos, bars & other "fan places". David, for sure was the opposite person - he was caring about everything that surrounded him - his mother, his family. He knew how to love, and wanted to prove his love.
The movie was extremely tragic and there were a lot of funny and embarrassing stuff at the same time! I was teary eyed almost all of the time, while watching it!
Finally, the story ends with David, reaching his dream to become the only boy, who Monica would care and be proud about. He had a lot of amazing adventures during his journey, even though the ending was fatal...