This is Collingham: Week 1 Presentations

Today our junior classes presented their week's project to the student body.

This is a great chance for the students in the school to see what the other classes are doing and for the students themselves to grow in confidence speaking in front of everyone!

Emilia's class dressed as superheros, sang a song and introduced themselves:

Emma (Batgirl)

Vittoria and Julia (Scarygirl and Sleepygirl)

Emilia (Teacher/Part time Catwoman)

Sue's class created their own solar system and alien families in groups which they then presented to the rest of the students:

Susanne's class were concentrating on planets.
They were each given one planet to focus on, and produced posters and facts sheets about each one.

They then sang a song which went like this!

Becky and Becca's classes joined forces and wrote songs about the planets in our solar system. They even made their own instruments using recycled materials!


This is Collingham: over and out.