This is Collingham: Week 3 Presentations

It is the end of another week and so, time for class presentations!

Classes have been to the V&A Museum this week and have used what they saw there to create individual and group presentations to the rest of the school.

Here's what happened...

Emilia and Kinga's classes: Theatre and Performance

Shoes and socks - students presented different pieces of clothing and sung a jazz chant.

Watch a video of Kinga leading the class with a classic 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' routine:

Sue's classes: Theatre and Performance

Fashion Parade - students dressed up as their favourite cartoon character and explained who they were and what they were wearing

Tanya's classes: Hats and Headgear

Amazing Headgear - students are showing photos they took in the museum and will talk to the audience about them. They have made their own headgear which will be presented and described. Tania may also show how to tie a real turban or an African scarf.

Lisa's classes: British Galleries

Henry VIII and his Six Wives - students have made a poster about King Henry VIII and his wives and a news broadcast from Henry's court.

Susanne's classes: British Galleries

Henry VIII - students acted out a fantastic play about Henry VIII, with different characters: Henry VIII, six wives, the Pope and a narrator.

The Pope on hearing Henry VIII's plan to divorce Catherine of Aragon 

The Pope then dresses up as an executioner... order to get a-head

Jane Seymour falls down/dies

Anne of Cleves : "Yes the picture my father sent you was painted a few years ago, but I do neigh look like a horse!"

Henry VIII: "You spend far too much time with your music teacher you wench! Off with your head!"

Susanne's class also treated us to a beautiful rendition of the charmingly titled "Divorced, Beheaded and Died" from Terrible Tudors.

Watch the video here!

Becky's class: Theatre and Performance

Super Characters and their Stories - students presented their invented cartoon characters, posters and powerpoint presentations and read the stories they had written about them.

Becca's class: Metalwork

Inventions and Advertising - students put on advertisements to sell their designs and encouraged the audience to buy their items.


L .....Where is it? Where did I leave it? I need it now! I need help!!!

S.....GDF can help you.


S....This invention, called Global Detector Finder, is similar to a GPS, but, instead of telling you how to reach a place, it helps you to find your lost thing, 2So you don’t search any more”. Try it.

L.....Ok. I want to find my glue, so I tell that to the GDF and it tells me how to reach the glue.

S.....That is. Now, follow the instructions of the GDF.

(GDF: Turn left. Go straight until the second table. Turn right and look on the floor under the chair.)

L.....Oh! Here it is. Thank you GDF and thank you, magician.
S.....And remember if you call now to the 222223 you will receive 2 GDF for only £50, “so if you take GDF you don’t search

Luis and Sergey



Alex's class: British Design

Buy My Object - students designed 4 objects of high value and attempted to attract the highest bidders, The Apprentice meets Dragon's Den style.


Rashed, Alex and Felipe

This is Collingham: over and out for another week!