This is Collingham: Week 5 Class Presentations

Folowing their trip to The Natural History Museum this week, classes have been focusing on animals for their final projects and presentations.

In the light of the London 2012 Olympic Games, classes have also been learning about the Olympics and sport and getting into the spirit of things!

We have had torch relays round the school throughout the week...

Go Team DS!!!

Becca's class

Animals Vs. Humans

Students compared the attributes and talents of humans vs. animals to decide who would be best in sport:



Becky's class:

How well can you adapt?

Students chose their favourite animal adaption and discussed how it could make human life better.

The audience then decided on the most compelling argument and that group won a prize.



Susanne's class were given a country and had to decide on an animal and a sport that that animal would excel at.

The audience then had to decide which animal would do best in their chosen sport:



Lisa's class went to the dinosaur gallery at the museum and invented their own comic strip, with drawings and complex plots!


Tania's class made lion masks and sang a song, complete with dance moves and realistic roars:


Emilia's class:

Emilia's class also went to the dinosaur gallery at the museum and following this made their own comic books of the film/story Jurassic Park.



Sue's class:

Animal Olympics!

Students posed as commentator and athlete:

and The Grand Finale!! (a dance off)