This is Collingham Week 5 The Natural History Museum

This week we are visiting The Natural History Museum!

On Wednesday Sue's classes, Tania's class, Emilia's class, Lisa's class and Susanne's classes explored the mammals section, the dinosaurs gallery and went to an interactive exhibition called 'Who do you think you are?' which was narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

On Tuesday Tania's class, Becky's class and Becca's class went to the museum to find out about mammals, reptiles and anatomy.

Becky and Becca's classes went to the amazing Animal Inside Out exhibition

Adapted from Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds, this is the UK premiere of this exhibition and features 90 plastinated animals and capillary specimens displaying the intricate insides and inner workings of some of the world’s most spectacular creatures, from goats and giraffes to octopuses and ostriches.

Tania's class explored mammals and reptiles.

They moved around the galleries trying to see how many animals they could spot, name and spell.

And then drew a picture of their favourite animal.