This is Collingham: Week 2 Presentations

This week the students have been looking at the animal kingdom, wildlife and climate.

Today we had presentations from all of the Junior classes about what they learnt this week and their experience at the Natural History Museum.

Emilia's classes: Ourselves and Other Animals

Emilia's classes created animal masks of their favourite animals and learnt facts about all the animals that they saw in the museum. They then acted out their animals in partnership with Sue's classes.

Sue's classes: Ourselves and Other Animals

Sue's classes also focused on animals this week and joined forces with Emilia's classes to create Discovery Summer's first zoo!

Sue's classes made explorer costumes and gave facts about what the animal looks like, what it eats, and where it lives.

Kinga's class (morning): Wild Planet Photographic Exhibition

Kinga's morning class visited a special photographic exhibition at the museum this week. They chose their favourite photo from the exhibition and introduced it to the audience and told the audience why they like it.

Kinga's class (afternoon): Animals

Kinga's afternoon class based their presentations on their experience at the exhibition at the Darwin Centre/Attenborough Studio.
They each chose an animal and created a poster and fact sheet about them.

Lisa's classes: Dinosaurs

Lisa's classes focused on dinosaurs. They invented their own dinosaur, gave it a name, described its features and what it likes to eat. They a drew a picture and made a poster. They then presented their dinosaurs to the rest of the school.

Susanne's classes: Scott's Last Expedition

Susanne's classes visited a special exhibition at the museum this week, looking at Scott's expedition to the South Pole. Students focused on the Antarctic: location, climate, wildlife etc., and Scott and his men's expedition. Students have been researching the expedition all week and gathering facts and information points. For their presentation the students threw snowball questions at the audience and gave them a fact about the expedition.

Becky's classes: Endangered Animals

Becky's classes have been focusing on the mammals that they saw in the museum this week. Particularly, animals, extinction and endangered species.
The students have invented charities dedicated towards the protection of charities. They have then created a charity advert asking for sponsorship for their charity.
The students performed their adverts for the audience and asked for sponsorship using a Powerpoint presentation, flyers and petitions.
The audience then chose the most persuasive advert.

Becca's class (morning): 'Just So' Stories - How Animals Got Their Features

Becca's classes visited a very unusual exhibition at the museum this week, The Animal Inside Out Exhibition which looks at animals from the inside out! Using their knowledge the students got into groups and wrote stories about how they think the animals in our world became what we know today. Here are some examples:


There was a sly Fox in the big forest. Nobody liked him because he always played tricks on animals. The Fox had a big orange tail. He could camouflage himself like a tree. One day the Fox saw two rabbits, they were brothers. He planned a strategy about how to catch them. The Fox was behind the grass, but the rabbits noticed him and then they escaped to their home.
The Fox was very angry and then he went to his house. In the house he planned a new strategy. He was thinking about it all night but then he had an idea.
Meanwhile, the rabbits asked their father: “How can we escape from the Fox?” And then the father answered: “One of you can run to the right and the other one to the left”.
Next day the Fox went to the rabbits’ house and he camouflaged himself like a tree very close to the house. The two rabbits went in different directions. After that, the father cut the trees... and the Fox’s tail too!
So, the Fox didn’t have his tail anymore :)

MORAL: if you chase two rabbits you will not catch either one.

by Sergio, Eliso and Alfonso

The lazy giraffe

Once upon a time , in Africa there were many animals . One lazy and small giraffe lived there. It was so lazy and it had a very small neck so it only ate food from the floor. One day, it was eating an apple but when, it finished it wanted more. The problem was that there were more apples in the tree so it didn’t try to get them because they were too high. Every time that food was too high, it didn’t eat it and it started to be thinner. So, it decided to strive to find food although it had to do hard things like: climb trees, jump, stretch… Then, it started to grow up and its neck too so it didn’t have to strive a lot to get food. Nowadays, it is very happy because it can eat food from the tallest tree!
The moral of the story is that if you strive, you will get what you want.

Laura , Kirill

The Troll Parrot

This story is about a troll parrot that lives in Trollian animal country in city Trollrio. It was a long time ago. Everyday Troll parrot made other animals feel bad telling them bad things and comparing them with himself as he had very beautiful and colourful feathers.
As the time passed the troll parrot teased more and more animals because he thought he was more beautiful than them and in the end, nobody wanted to be with him.
One day, the parrot’s god made him as ugly as he could. He turned him into a black and ugly parrot. To recover his colours he went on a trip to Trollia. First he went to Trololo forest and met a very old parrot which was very kind and he threw a trololo tomato to try to give him the red colour; and his wings became red.
He was very pleased to the old parrot. A few minutes later it started to rain and due to water the red ran out of his wings.
Sometime later, he went to Ololo canyon and met the funny lizard which gave him the yellow colour. But some minutes later the wind started to blow and took the colour off.
The troll parrot was cried a lot about this and he decided to go to his uncle Trollin to Trololo jungle. When he was flying over the jungle, he fell in the Trololo river and got the green colour of the river. About three hours later the colour disappeared. An hour later he met his uncle Trollin. The uncle said:
_”You need to go to Lol mountains and meet the parrots god, because he’s the only animal that can help you.”
When he met his god, the god told him:
_”As I have been watching you and you have been a better parrot to the other animals, I will give you a present.”
And the god gave him his original colours.
After this adventure, the Troll parrot became a better parrot. He started to be polite and kind to the other animals.

The moral: you can’t be so vain, because you will not have any friends.

By Artem and Luis.

Why tiger have stripes

Once upon a time, in the jungle, there was a tiger, with no stripes, which was very vain and he passed many hours watching his beautiful reflection in the water of a lake.
But he was unhappy because he thought: “I am not perfect; I want to change something on my body! Maybe some accessories ...”
He tried on bird`s feathers, new tails, rhino horns ... but they did not suit him.
One day he spotted some zebras and he wanted to see how these stripes would look on him.
In the night, when nobody could see him, he stole zebra`s stripes.
In the morning, when he returned to the lake, he put on the stripes, but he did not like them. When he tried to remove them, he could not do it.
He was very sad and he cried and cried and cried every day.
But don`t be sad for the tiger, because when you do bad things, bad things will happen to you.


by Yulia and Costanza

Alex's class (afternoon):

Alex's students chose different mediums to focus on animals.

Two students made a comic strip and presented it to the student body:

Another group created an entire quiz, with audience participation,

and one student, Berken, made his own website dedicated to informing the general public on animal facts, habitats and habits.

Take a look here:

We think our students did fantastically well this week and we are looking forward to seeing how they will all get on next week! (As are you).

This is Collingham: over and out.