This is Collingham - Week 4 Presentations

In both the morning and afternoon we had PRESENTATIONS!

Some students were nervous,

Some were calm,

And others were very excited!


Becca's class started with a presentation on stereotypes. One group discussed English stereotypes, another talked about Russian and Chinese superstition and the final group presented us with Spanish, Brazilian and French stereotypes.


-In Russia, returning home for forgotten things is bad luck. It is better to leave it behind, but if returning is necessary, you should look in the mirror before leaving the house again. Otherwise the journey will be bad.

-English people don't eat fish and chips as often as people of other nationalities think they do. In fact, some English people don't eat it at all!

-In Hong Kong we never use the number four in buildings. For example we don't have the fourth floor or the fourteenth floor. It is because the sound of 'four' is similar to 'death'. 

Becky's class told us about phobias and addictions in the style of a Discovery Summer news report, complete with their own published newspaper!

 An example of a story we heard:
This is Rebecca, she’s 27 and she lives in London.
At the age of 4 years old she lived a traumatic experience and she became agoraphobic.
She was taken by extraterrestrial on the moon on 22 may 1989.
After this traumatic experience no-one could convince Rebecca to leave home.
Susanne's class played us a video about natural disasters they had created during the week:
Kinga's class presented us with an alien city they created on Jupiter. Each student explained their area of the city, and which buildings were there.

Tania's class's presentation was about different modes of transport over time.

Sue's class presented their alien family. Each student was a member of the family and they all had very funny names!

And finally, Emilia's class told us all about shapes and furniture!

They even sang us a song- WE ARE SHAPES!


 Becky's class started the afternoon presentations with a news report about addictions and special talents.

This is one story they told us:

Alex Leinous, a 28 year old man from Canada can. He is studying Maths at the University of Harvard and lives in Boston. He used brain power alone to work out the answer to the 13th root of a random 100-digit number in 57.8 seconds at London's Science Museum.

Susanne's class presented about our environment and what impact humans have upon it.

They then quizzed the audience on what they had told us. Here are some questions for you to try:
What does recyling mean?
a)  Cycling around in circles
b) re-using old materials
c) buying new shoes
Why are rainforests being destroyed?
a)Elephant eat the trees
b)the trees are flooded
c)humans cut the trees down
[Answers: b,c]

Sue's class presented us with their ideas of certain themes; clothes, technology, transport and food, comparing what they are like now, to what they think they will be like in the future.

And finally,Emilia's class did a presentation on shapes and furniture.

Here the class showed us different shapes they created and told us what they were called.

Here the class displayed their pieces of furniture and what shapes they were.

We were then treated to another lovely song! This time, about the rooms in a house:

We had a fantastic week ended with some SUPER presentations. Goodbye to all those who left us today, but see you next week to those who'll be back on Monday!

This is Collingham, over and out!