This is Collingham: Week 6 - The V&A Museum

This week the students went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the World's greatest museum of Art and Design!

Each class went to a different exhibition:

On Tuesday, Emilia's class went to the fashion exhibit,

whilst Becky and her class went to Theatre and Performance.

Becky's students have been creating characters, deciding their personalities and costumes, and then writing stories about them.

Here is one example!

Larry Magic Jordan was born in a very poor family in Harlem. When he was a very little child scientist modify his DNA. They put the best part of the greatest players from the history. But nobody knows that his DNA was modified.

The Kentucky’s University basketball’s trainer saw Larry Magic`s playing basketball in an Harlem basketball court, and he gave to him a scholar ship. Jordan scored 21 points and 10 assist per game when he was at the college. Phoenix Suns, without Steve Nash, drafted him with the 2nd overall pick in the 2015’s NBA draft.

He won ten Nba championship and ten MVP, with the Phoenix Suns, in his career. He scored 35 points per game, 15 assist and 14 rebound per game.

(Nicolo di Gioacchino, 14)

 and Becca's class visited Design.

On Wedneday, Tania's class visited Fashion, Sue, and her class, went to Theatre and Performance whilst Suzanne's went to the British Galleries section.

What the students learned on these trips will inspire their projects on Friday.

Here are a few snaps of Tania's class around the Fashion section of the museum.

A GREAT couple of days was had by all. We learned lots of new things and found some fantastic material for our presentations on Friday.

This is Collingham, over and out!