This is Collingham: Week 6 Presentations

On Friday classes presented their final project to the rest of the school.

Following on from the work they had been doing all week and their trip to the V&A Museum, the theme of the ceremony was fashion, design and invention.

Emilia's class

Put on a fantastic fashion show/catwalk for us, 'wearing' pieces that they had designed themselves.

Students introduced themselves and their outfit and explained the colours, style and materials of the whole ensemble.


Tania's class:

Performed an amazing chant about the weather and clothes.

The original 'The Weather Song' is here:

But we think Tania's class' version is much better!!


Sue's class:

Researched traditional clothes from their native countries, found pictures as inspiration then drew their own pictures of the costumes and presented these to the audience.

The students explained where they were from, the style of clothes and typical colours.

Susanne's class:

Starred in a fantastic play about King Henry VIII

Becky's class:

Invented their own characters, wrote stories about them and made a powerpoint presentation/poster which they then presented to the rest of the school.

Here are some of the stories:

Larry Magic Jordan

Larry Magic Jordan was born in a very poor family in Harlem. When he was three years old scientists kidnapped him and modified his DNA. They put the best part of the greatest basketball players from history. But nobody knows that his DNA was modified because during the experiments the scientists died and Larry Magic was very little and didn’t remember. Police found Larry Magic one day later.

His parents died when he was 13 years old, and he lived with his granny.

The Kentucky University basketball trainer saw Larry Magic playing basketball in a Harlem basketball court, and he gave him a scholar ship. Jordan was happy. He scored 21 points and 10 assists per game when he was at the college. Phoenix Suns, without Steve Nash, drafted him with the 2nd overall pick in the 2015’s NBA draft. In his first NBA match he scored 30 points and he was very excited.

Adidas sponsored him and he created his shoes the L.M.J.

He won ten NBA championship and ten MVP, with the Phoenix Suns, in his career. He scored 35 points per game, 15 assists and 14 rebounds per game. He has the world record of points in one game with 102 points in one match versus the L.A. Lakers. He entered in the basketball’s Hall of Fame. Now he lives in luxury in his very big villa in Miami.

by Nicolo and Duruk

Spy Girl

When Elizabeth was a child, she loved to watch spy films. She wanted to be a spy in the future. She has now got her dream: Elizabeth has become a very good spy. She lives in a wonderful flat in the centre of Los Angeles with her awesome boyfriend, called Mark.   Elizabeth, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, is very sexy and glamorous and she has got the perfect qualities to be a good spy. In fact she is intelligent, strong, a leader, good at sport, so she is really good at her job.
Once, at midnight, she was walking in the street, while she saw a strange man in black, who looked suspicious..
So, she came back home and told her boyfriend what had happened, Mark, who was a famous lawyer, decided to help Elizabeth to find information about the strange man. A couple of hours later mark had just found some information: the man was called Mr. Jack, he was Mexican and he was 50 years old. Mark recommended Elizabeth to be careful because the man was dangerous and in the past he had killed one person. Elizabeth started to follow Mr Jack for one week, she discovered that the man had stolen something very important. So she had to try to understood what it was. After days and days of research the couple understood that the things which the man had stolen, was a microchip which contained the DNA of the person who had been murdered - it was Mr. Jack’s wife.
Finally Elizabeth managed to take the bad man and the DNA delivery to the police. At the end Mr Jack was taken to jail and everyone lived happily ever after.

By Giulia and Theodora

Becca's class:

Created their very own TV show!

Students were put into groups and had to design an invention which would improve the performance of a famous sportsman/athlete

We had a unique platform to help Zara Phillips get up onto a horse easier:

a cushion mechanism to ensure that Michael Phelps would not hit his head on the side of the pool when doing backstroke

and a roof for a tennis court to make sure that Rafael Nadal could always play tennis


Well done to everyone!!

Really fantastic presentations this week :)