Museum visit week 4th

This week we went to the Victoria and Albert museum, where we visited several of its collections.

Our students were eager to learn about treasures, jewellery, fashion and all kinds of new things.

Each week students fill in worksheets and complete different activities that are set by their teachers.
This week Polly's class were learning all about the Tudors and had to find, draw and write about the different items they could find in the collection, which they'd learnt about during the first half of the week.

Tania's class were trying to find all the different types of hats on their worksheets and then drawing their favourite styles...

and we had some beautiful results, of course!

Becky's class went to visit the Theater collection, where they learned a lot about stage design,
theater production and costumes.

Some students take photos of the exhibits to show what they've seen to their friends and family.

As always, it is good to take a rest before we head back to our school!