Presentations on Week 3

We made it to our third week of the Discovery Summer Collingham course and it was time for the next lot of presentations and we had an anxious audience made up of parents and fellow students waiting to see what everyone had learnt during the week.

Laura's class built a whole jungle as a set design for their presentation, which was so good we have displayed it in the Study Room.
This set allowed them to talk about all the animals they learned about during the week.

We had very creative presentations from all the classes!

Claire's class built 'Dinosaur Land' - complete with Dinosaurs, volcanoes and all sorts of dangerous animals they've studied at Collingham.

Sotiria's class sang a jungle song during the afternoon presentation. We just loved it, and the kids did too, of course!

We finished the day with all the classes and a game of bingo.

Well done to those who won, and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves - that is the most important thing after all!

See you next week!