Presentations week 4

It's Friday - once again and time for presentations! 
 Each of our classes present about a topic they have learned about during the week, which is usually based on the trip made to the museum. Fellow students and their parents are all welcome and are always excited to see what each class is going to present!

Some snacks before the presentations start!

Laura's class introduced themselves and the country they came from, telling us about their language, the colours of the national flags and the different thinks you may find in each country.

They also made Japanese themed lanterns after visiting the Japanese exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum this week.

Here is Emma, and her beautiful lantern!

Tania's class brought in  hats told us all about the different styles they had learnt about and even made some of their. They also created some lovely pictures that also told us all about the students in her class, where they are from and what the weather is like there.

Filippo and Santiago's picture even included a beautiful drawing of Tania in a very sunny Italy!

Some of the classes also sang us a few songs, which ended up in the whole audience joining in, even the parents!

Emilia's class prepared an exciting theater play - a bank robbery. We had treasures stolen by goodhearted bank robbers - who gave their hunts to their Mums!

Our very talented and good hearted bank robber from the morning presentation:

and from the afternoon....

Here is the whole crew from the morning play
 Well done!

After the presentations, we ended the week by splitting up the audience in to groups to complete a quiz. Parents and the students all enjoyed themselves!

We had princesses and princes to compete for the prizes!

The results were very close but well done to the winning group, accurately named 'The winners'

We are looking forward to welcoming both new students and returning ones, see you next week!