This is Collingham 2013: Presentations week 2

Our second week finished with a new set of presentations.  Our students were excited, doing rehearsals for their presentations in the study room.

This is Polly's class preparing for their presentation - a comedy at the doctor's.

The smallest kids from Laura's and Tania's class were singing songs and nursery rhymes

....and we had an enthusiastic audience, as always!


Students from Claire's class imagined how their own planets would look like - and we got  some
really colourful and shiny ones!

We had future cities planned in Emilia's class - enthusiastic city planners, indeed. They imagined everything that is necessary - museums, school, hospital, police station - and flying cats, just to keep things interesting.

 Piers's class prepared for us interesting presentations, based on their museum visit.
They introduced us to a short history of computer games and the photographic camera, and many more.
This week they prepared presentation boards, instead of power point shows. 

Even the small kids enjoyed it, though it is true - their attention could be more easily diverted...

Becky's class prepared for a small talent show - dancers, magicians and the likes, who all showed their talents....

Last, but not least, the enthusiastic class of Sotiria sang - to finish up this lovely day.

As always, we gave the certificate for all of those who are leaving - hope they all had a lovely time in Collingham!