This is Collingham 2013: week 3, visit to the Natural History Museum

We started our third week with a visit to the Natural History Museum. The kids were excited and curious about the extraordinary collections and exhibits on dinosaurs, mammals, ecology, the Earth and much much more!

Here is the link to the museum's site:

Our teachers, as always, prepared pages and activities to help their students learn about each topic. A popular subject this week was animals and mammals, and we can't wait to for them to show us what they've learnt at the museums in their presentations at the end of the week.

Some of the classes got to see a show where they were taught about all different kinds of animals and the special features of each one. Roberto and Ludovica were among some of the lucky (and brave) students who got to hold some of the snakes.

The higher level juniors were each given a section of the museum to study and choose a specific topic to present at the end of the week. One group looked at ecology and got to watch a short film on a screen that uses mirrors to create the shape of a planet. Another group traveled through a giant metallic globe and once inside looked at the earth and space exhibition.

The children were all extremely enthusiastic and enjoyed their time at the Natural History Museum.  We can't wait to go again with both returning and new students to see what else the museum has to offer!