Visiting the Natural History Museum: week 5


This week we visited the Natural History Museum - a place full with mysterious and scary looking creatures. Needless to say - the kids just love it!

Many of the classes this week went to see the terrifying  life-like T.rex, the Baryonyx bones and the Triceratops skeleton, which gave the students an exciting opportunity to learn more about these creatures and the way they lived.

Though the creatures might look scary, the whole exhibit is very educational - it shows archeological findings, drawings, life size Dinosaur models...

 and there is a good chance to take some cool pictures too!

 The Natural History museum is a good place for the advanced students as well - it has a lot of material for learning and is good preparation for their presentations at the end of the week.

Piers' class visited the Darwin Centre, which offers students the chance to take a peek into the world of cutting-edge natural science research.

 The centre has many interactive games and activities about nature and science where the students can get involved, learn about and join debates on different subjects. 

We are looking forward to hear more about what they have learned!