End of the week presentation on the week 6

It's the penultimate week at Discovery Summer Collingham 2013, and as always we had some very interesting presentations!

Students who visited the 'Who am I' exhibition earlier in the week, made some beautiful posters and shared some facts about how the body and its parts function during the presentation.

After visiting the museum one group researched and told us about the different phobias one might have, like the fear of 'white', the 'fear of books', the 'fear of air', and so on....

Shey even created a life-size model to show all information about the body they had learnt about.

 Other classes created colourful, creative  displays, even a puppet show.

 In Claire's class they created their own inventions and the audience then had to vote for which one they would need or most like to have!

Some of them created had the worlds lightest and thinnest laptop:

Others made a pen catapulting safe:

Ozg├╝r and Alister made a tank which you could actually shoot with:

However, The flying car was the most popular in the competition.

Here are the proud inventors - well done, congratulations to everyone!

The higher level students in Piers' class created presentations about their family trees. This gave fellow students and parents a good chance to learn all about other families and friends who are also attending the school.

Many of our students become good friends during the summer course, which can sometimes make it hard to say goodbye.

This week we had to say goodbye to a few of our students, including Talal, Naif and Aljawahara, who have been with us for the last six weeks!

However, we know many of our students will stay in touch and you never know, maybe we will see them again next year!