This is Collingham - presentations on week 5

This week we went to the Natural History Museum.

Obviously, we saw a lot of interesting creatures and many of them made an appearance during the presentations.

Some of the classes went to see the dinosaur exhibit and we even had some sitting in our audience...

 and presenting a storyboard!

 We also had some less dangerous animals like butterflies, ladybugs and bees.

Claire's class made some beautiful animal costumes!
Unlike in the wild, the penguin and the lion were good friends...

even the elephant was smiling.

Emelia's class performed a wonderful story about a class of dinosaurs who had a party...

and there were some students busy reading the story themselves.

Tania's Class visited the Science museum during the week, and learned about shapes. They sang us a beautiful song about triangles, circles, squares - and we had two stars as well!

Other classes created individual stories with hand-drawn storyboards, and told us all about the adventures of their explorers.

 Here's Pelayo, the explorer who goes to Australia....

...and Helena, the explorer who goes to America.

Polly's class made some really nice, artistic depictions of  the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

After the presentations we had a quiz for the children, which they enjoyed.

 After all that finished we had a surprise for the students - 
The Gruffalo - performed by the teachers!

Needless to say, the kids loved it and we had a lovely time together.
It was a wonderful ending to a busy week!