Visit to the Natural History Museum on week 7

It's the last week at Collingham and we had our final visit to the
 Natural History Museum!

Most of the classes went to see the 'Animal vision' show. The show gives the students a chance to discover how animals eye adaptations allow individuals to escape predators and locate prey. Students also find out that bees and butterflies can detect ultraviolet light, which helps the process of pollination.

The show is very popular so we had to queue for a short while.

Many student keep themselves busy with their worksheets...

...or taking pictures...

...or pretending to be a chicken!

Once we were inside, the show began by giving the students some quick activities to help to explain the many ways different animals can see.

Some students even got to hold real (but not dangerous) snakes.

They even received certificates for being so brave!

Other classes visited the mammals section, which was very popular indeed.

There are  lot of bones and fossils in this exhibit, which means the students have to read all the information and think really hard to figure out what each one is...

 But sometimes they might become as wild as a bear!

At the end of the visit, it was time to take our group photo on the stairs of the museum.


  It was our last museum visit this year!