2014. Week 1 - Our visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

On Wednesday the junior classes visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. Each group visited different parts of the museum to work on their projects, which they will present on Friday.

Everyone was very excited about the trip.
Lisa's class went to the Theatre and Performance exhibition...

Where they filled out their worksheets about costumes and hats.


 As well as having lots of fun trying on different costumes. There were loads to chose from! The boys tried on the all the unusual jackets...
And the girls tried on the fabulous dresses...

Tania's group also tried on the costumes!
After everyone had finished filling out their worksheets it was time to go back to school. All of the groups gathered outside of the muesum in the sunshine. Here is Emilia's group getting ready to leave.

It looks like all the groups had a brilliant day, having fun with their class mates.
It will be very exciting to see all of the projects on Friday!