2014. Week 1 - Presentation Day!!

After a week of working on their projects the groups came together to present their projects to one another...
Claire's class have been learning about fabrics from all over the world. They designed their own and told us about the different patterns.


 Tony's class performed a short version of the play War Horse, which they have learnt about this week!

Tania's class have been learning about Shakespeare, they wrote and performed a play based on Shakespeare's most famous play Romeo and Juilet.
Sarah's class performed a wonderful song as well as showing us some of the posters they had made during the week. Here they are singing to the audience.

Lisa's class made these lovely hats. Each hat represents a country. The audience had to guess the country and then the class told us some facts about that country.

Chloe's class visited the Political Poster exhibition and the V&A, they each chose an issue which interests them and told us why it is important. Here we are hearing about racial inequality.
Emilia's class also performed a play! It was a very funny story about a robbery in the safest bank in the world.
Everyone did a brilliant job performing to the rest of the school.
Thank you all for a brilliant week!