2014. The Week 2 Museum Trip...

Week 2's Museum visit was to the Natural History Museum! The am classes visited either on tuesday or wednesday morning this week. The pm classes all went on wednesday afternoon!
Everyone set off together to walk to the Natural History Museum. Here is Tania's pm group as they arrived, with the Natural History Museum in the background!

All of the groups got to see some fantastic exhibtions!

Including Emilia's group who went to the 'Sensational Butterfly' exhibtion to learn about the lifecycle of the Butterfly. There were Butterflies everywhere and some even landed on the students!

As they walked round they collected stamps

Chloe's group also had fun in the earthquake simulator at the Volcanoes and Earthquakes exhibtion.

Tania's group also visited this exhibition!

After all the groups finished looking round the different exhibtions everyone met outside to finish off their worksheets before heading back to school.
Having seen all of these exciting exhibtions everyone must have some brilliant ideas for their presentations on Friday! We can't wait to see what they come up with.