2014. Week 3 Presentation Time!

After an exciting week of studying hard the classes are ready to present what they have learnt to the rest of the school and their parents.

This week...

Here Sarah's class is ready to perform!

After performing a beautiful song they told us about what they like and dislike most.

Tony's class performed a play set in a hospital...

It even included paramedics and this ambulance which they had drawn!

Tania's class taught us about how medicine has changed over time...

Emilia's class performed a play about an alien arriving on earth...

The mask they made was fantastic!

Chloe's class invented Robots! and told us about their special powers...

Lisa's class each told us about a different planet and performed a song about the planets.

Claire's class created their own transport inventions which they shared with the audience.

This group made a model plane and told us about all of its special features.

Talula's class also told us about some of the inventions they had designed... 

a submarine..

A Rocket!

And a car!

Everyone work so hard this week on their performances, it was a brilliant show. It will definitely be hard to beat next week!