2014. Week 5's Museum trip!

The Natural History Museum

This week our museum trip was to the Natural History museum! 

All of the am and pm classes attended the trip except from Sarah's class. The classes went on either Tuesday or Wednesday, all visiting different exciting exhibitions!

We all put on our reflective jackets and lined up outside school for a final register before setting off... Here Tony's class is ready to go!

Chloe's class visited the Volcanoes and Earthquakes exhibition along with Tania's group.

The entrance to this part of the museum was very exciting...

The classes had a look around the exhibition and filled in their worksheets about Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis. 

After they had finished there was time to experience an earthquake for themselves in the Kobe Supermarket earthquake simulator. It is set inside a Japanese supermarket. Whilst we were inside the floor and walls suddenly began to shake... 

Chloe's class look like they are having fun experiencing the earthquake!

Tania's class also look like they enjoyed the exhibition!

The groups also used some of the interactive parts of the exhibition. Here they are spinning the wheel to learn about the effects of currents.

After all of the groups had finished looking round the exhibitions we met outside. Everyone had the opportunity to sit down before walking back to school. 

Here Tania's group is discussing the exhibition they had just seen! 

And Chloe's group are enjoying the sunshine.

 The groups will now continue their studies in classes and produce a presentation inspired by what they have seen at the Natural History Museum! We look forward to seeing them on Friday!