A look at some of our lovely presentations

Our students visited the Natural History Museum this week have been working hard on presentations inspired by their visit. Here's a closer look at what a couple of them have been working on. 
Fran's class visited the annual exhibition of Wildlife Photographers, which inspired them to make their own photo collages of scenes of London. Their main inspiration came from Eric Johansson, the "impossible photographer".

 Here are some of them showing us what they made. 

These girls decided to do something different and turned their collage into a cube!

 Julia's afternoon class also went to look at the Wildlife Photographers exhibition but did something a little different. They made some very beautiful 3D paintings of their favourite photographs in the exhibition. Here they are...


 Remember Patrick's class from our video yesterday? Here they all are with their beautiful paintings of cold-blooded creatures they saw at the Natural History Museum.

And here are the poems they have written about the animals, which we have called...cold-blooded verse 

The Chameleon
Yellow, green or blue
I want to be so cool
I change all the time
With my big or tiny size.
I live in a forest
And also in deserts
But in Madagascar
I will always be a star.
I like to eat insects
I make a diet of crickets
I am a chameleon
And I am so brilliant.

The Green Sea Turtle 
It likes green sea
Can change its color
Eats kelp and algae
It has a short neck
Brings home with its anywhere
And can become black

Electric Eel
There once was a eel called Frank
Who wanted to rob a bank
But when he steals
That electric eel
He takes the money back to his tank

Bearded dragon
There is a pet that I like
It certainly can’t ride a bike
It doesn’t have teeth
It can’t go to ski
And it’s all covered with spikes

Haiku - Boa Constrictor 
It squeezes to death
And it’s four metres long
Eats mice yum yum yum!

Haiku - Mega Mouth Shark 
Has a mega big mouth
Prey is as big as my pen
He would never eat you

She isn’t very rare
She’s angry as a bear.
She’s class of snakes,
Your bones she'll break.
In America, she only lives there. 

 The Football Fish 
It's  big and has a bright light on its head
When the football fish is hunting small fish
Anything that comes near will end up dead
It swallows then whole no need for a dish
Football fish lives in the very deep sea
It gets small flounder fish with a luminous lure
In the night football fish discovered me
That fish is amazing and that I`m sure

The Black Seahorse
 The black seahorse is very beautiful
If you don’t think so you are very wrong
It can be just black but also yellow
Changes colour like a chameleon
It is 22 centimetres long
Watch it swim and live in the big red sea
It’s a great animal for you and me

Frog Haiku      
Jump from lily pads
I eat flies with my long tongue
Can be green or grey
Frog Haiku Number 2
I have two long legs
Before I lived in the water
Now I lived on earth