Classwork from our adult students

This week, Gary's class have been looking at words connected to noise – something there is plenty of in DS Collingham! 

These words are special words that are strongly connected to the sound itself, like water dripping or to slam a door (to close a door so it makes a loud noise). This is known as 'onomatopoeia'.

When you read the sentences, can you spot the words connected to noises?
He yelled and slammed the door with a bang
The child slurped the water and it splashed on her t-shirt
When the car crashed into the wall, the radiator started to drip
He snores so much, I prefer it when he slurps his tea
My daughter slammed the car door on her finger and started screaming
And here is one more from the teacher, a poem about fireworks. How many noises are there?

Bang wiz pop fizz sparkle in the night,
Woosh  boom wriggle zoom high up like a kite.

Spin splash spark lash  what a pretty sight,
Zoom  crash  colour  clash exploding with all its might.