Beautiful presentations from our morning junior groups

This week the students at Collingham visited the Science Museum and did projects based on what they'd seen.

The history of medicine inspired Emilia and Tania's class to do a play about a hospital. The receptionist is new and sends this patient with toothache to see the eye-doctor!

Patrick's group looked at how time has been measured over the centuries. They made water clocks and did a perfectly timed presentation which lasted exactly 2 minutes.

Niraj's group made imaginary menus based on film titles - here's one inspired by "Eat, Pray, Love". The student is holding up a chocolate dessert in the shap of the Trevi Fountain.

Fran's group invented new machines and advertised them to us. Figaro - the robot who brings you your phone when you're too lazy to get off the sofa - was the winner. Here he is with his inventors.

The younger students learned some English songs. Here's Jennifer's group singing "London Bridge is Falling Down".

Sarah's group learned a song all about body parts and also made some scary monsters.