Classwork from our adult students

Current Affairs

This week Gary's class of adult students have been looking at stories in the news that they found interesting to practice ‘reporting language’. Here are a few examples of what they wrote:

According to the BBC, a Russian airline has banned passengers from chewing gum on board.

"It seems that HSBC customers won’t be able to use the new Apple Pay system when it launches on Tuesday."

Reuters has reported that a seven-year old girl who went missing in the jungle has been found alive after nearly 3 weeks.

"Changes are expected to occur in order to stop the deaths of young reservists in the SAS, the elite soldiers in the UK."

Nightshades (a type of plant) are believed to have properties that could keep us healthy.

"According to Ofsted, many students can leave school without a clear legal requirement for schools to establish exactly where they are going to move to."


Jake's class have been busy sharing lots of ideas and info about their diverse backgrounds. In one lesson, they were discussing different superstitions from their countries. Here is what they wrote: 

In Brazil, if you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck.

"In Ukraine, if you see a black cat across the street, you should turn and walk the other way!"

Also in Ukraine, if someone crosses the road in front of you with an empty basket, you will have bad luck on that day.

"In Russia, if you spill salt, you will have bad luck."

And finally, some good luck…

If you see a rainbow, you will have a good time!