Meet the Week 7 Classes

Good morning everyone, it's our last Wednesday here at Discovery Summer Collingham 2016 and our last museum excursion too (sob!). As our classes prepare for their exciting trip to the Science Museum today let's go and meet all of the classes....

The Morning Classes

Sarah's Morning Class

These little monsters sure are scary, and we think Sarah agrees too. Some of these students have been with us for the full 7 weeks!

Alexa's Morning Class

Alexa's Class take the opportunity to get outside during a brief moment of sun

Emilia's Morning Class

The stars of last week's Cinderella performance, we hope they put on another show this week!

Julie's Morning Class

Wow, a class of all boys! I think that's a first for us this year

Ivett's Morning Class

These students enjoyed the amazing 'Who Am I?' exhibit at the Science Museum yesterday


Nij's Morning Class

Our oldest junior class have been working hard this week, we can't wait to see what they have in store for us on Friday

Gary's Adult Class

There's never a dull moment when you're studying English with Gary!

The Afternoon Classes

Alexa's Afternoon Class

 They might not look it but these students are very excited for their trip

Emilia's Afternoon Class

Emilia's afternoon students strike a pose before their trip

Faaria's Afternoon Adults

This husband and wife have been enjoying their English class with Faaria whilst their daughter studies with Alexa. What a wonderfully studious family!