The Sense-ible Experiment

In week 4, Grace's class visited the 'Colour and Vision' exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Afterwards they decided to do a project on the five senses.

Their project involved conducting lots of experiments.They started by surveying each other to find out what their classmates favourite and least favourite senses were. The graphs below show the results.

GRAPH ONE: 'What is your favourite sense?'

We can see that most people said that vision was their favourite sense. No one said that taste was their favourite sense.

GRAPH TWO: 'What is your least favourite sense?'

We can see that people had different opinions but most people thought touch and hearing were the least important. 

The students also did experiments which tested how important the senses are. In the first video you can see the class trying to recreate pieces of artwork BUT they have been blindfolded. 

In the second video the students reflect on the task. The exercise showed how difficult it is to complete a task without being able to see. It also showed how difficult it is to only give instructions. 

The whole class found it really hard but there were some interesting outcomes!