A Presentation Day to Remember

Our culture, fashion, food and language themed week at Collingham saw our students giving some of the best presentations of the summer! We were very impressed with the projects produced last week. Here are some snippets of the action from the day...

Abbi's Class


Abbi's class showed us that they knew their body parts and got moving with their Pinocchio dance in very nice hats classic of the Italian character.

Ella's Class


Ella's class clearly have some future models and designers as shown in their impressive fashion show! The kids showed off all their new vocabulary by modelling shirts and hats of their own design and described to their parents and classmates all the different colours, patterns and shapes on them!

Julia and Emelia's Classes

Julia and Emelia's classes had an unforgettable project this week! They prepared a show for all their parents and friends that showed us an alternative Chinese version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella titled Yeh Shen. 




We must congratulate all of the students in both Julia and Emelia's class - especially Usmon and Garance, the two stars of the show, on their amazing acting skills and more importantly their fantastic display of English skills during their performance. Well done everyone!

Rory's Class

Rory's class invented some very interesting festivals and gave us descriptions of them including what would take place at the festival, when their festival would occur and why they chose the events that they did.

Tania's Class

Tania's class gave very interesting presentations giving some details about aspects of their own culture. Here is Sultan giving us some information about traditional dress in his home country the United Arab Emirates...

...and this is Junhao telling us a timeless Chinese story about an ancient princess in China.

And since food is such an important aspect of culture, Tania's class made a delicious Tiramisu for all of the school to try!

Alvin's Class

Alvin's class put a very interesting twist on their projects this week. Their projects were all about Japanese cuisine with a twist from their own countries! Some of the students made these amazing models of sushi as pictured below with foods and packaging that represented their own countries which included Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy and France.

This is such a fantastic display of the wealth of culture and diversity here at Discovery Summer!

Nij's Class

And finally from Nij's class we had a celebration of British music both old and new with two great presentations from students in his class.

One presentation was on The Beatles...

...while the other was on the more contemporary band Coldplay.

Once again, everyone at Discovery Summer Collingham would like to congratulate all of the students last week on the quality of their presentations and the huge amount of effort that went into producing such high quality work. We are very proud of all the students and look forward to having another amazing week in Week 6!