Little Designers in the Making...

Presentations on Friday were a great success and lots of hard work was put in by our students to make the projects so great! Here are some photos of Ella and Abbi's classes in arts and crafts preparing for their presentations:

Here is Lorenzo making a very colourful t-shirt...

...and Juilia is here designing a shirt with a similar pattern.

The children got very creative and used lots of different materials and colours and so this arts and crafts activity was a great way for the students to learn new vocabulary!

In Abbi's class our youngest students made some very cool hats!

Before designing their own pieces the children practiced and learned the names of different colours, items of clothing and body parts by colouring this cartoon of the famous Italian character Pinocchio.

Both Ella and Abbi's classes loved their arts and crafts activities because it is such a fun and interactive way to learn!