Our Students Out and About in London

Here at Discovery Summer Collingham, we love to see what our students get up to in London after hours. So we asked the parents of our students to send us photos of themselves at tourist sites around the UK. One of our longest running adult students, Roya and her daughter Tara, who has also been a student at Collingham since our opening, kindly submitted photos of themselves at various attractions around the UK and we are very happy to share them on our blog. 

Here's a photo of Roya at the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire. She captioned it with the phrase, "there are no accidents, only unsolved mysteries".

And here is a photo that Roya took of another very famous UK attraction: London Bridge

And here is a photo of Tara and her older sister outside the Greenwich Royal Observatory. 

We would like to thank Roya and Tara for their fantastic contribution and congratulate them on their outstanding progress during their time here at Discovery Summer Collingham!