Things Get Wild During Presentation Preparation on Thursday Making the Adults Seem Very Tame...

It's that time of the week again when our students begin preparing their projects for presentations to be delivered to their parents and peers on Friday.

Ella's class were getting creative with some arts and crafts activities! They were learning the names of different animals and how to describe where these animals live. They were busy making face masks for their presentation on Friday.

This week, we were also very lucky to have a special part of the preparation day dedicated to the students learning to enhance their presentation skills! We hope that this will build their confidence when giving any presentation in future - either in English or any other language. The session was led by one of our teachers, Nij who taught the students how to appear more confident, clear and professional when delivering their presentations. Here are some of the classes discussing some of the key parts of the skills session:

And finally, here are some of our adult classes in action. This week the adults were learning how to hold extended conversations in English.

Here is Roya showing off her very impressive and newly developed English speaking skills in Faaria's class:

We are very excited to see the presentations on Friday!


  1. Faaria is a great teacher. In this photo we are having a discussion and that helps our speaking. Thank you Faaria! -Roya


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