Week 2 Presentations

We had some very interesting presentations this week. This week's theme had our classes focusing on food, culture, fashion and language!

Here are the students preparing their speeches to accompany their projects ready for presenting...

...And even during their break they couldn't stop their creative juices from flowing as you can see below - Edward managed to construct this very impressive tower of cards!

During the presentation we had a fashion show from Ella's class with students modelling clothes of their own making. Ella used this activity as an opportunity to teach the children the names of different items of clothing.

Rory's class delivered some fantastic presentations that educated their peers and parents about different festivals celebrated around the world. 

Sultan also impressed us with some comedic material.

Members of Tania's class also focused on culture and gave presentations about important aspects of their own culture. You can see below that some of the students constructed a very elaborate mini replica of the Colosseum in Italy and gave us some very interesting facts about it.

We also had the pleasure of being taught some dance this week by Tania's class too!

We were very proud of the quality of all the presentations given this week. The presentations are a very good reflection of just how much each student's English speaking skills have developed over the course of the week and we look forward to seeing them progress even further in the coming weeks!