Week 4 Museum Highlights

This week we had another fantastic visit to the Science Museum! There were some great new and interactive exhibitions for our students to get involved in! Here are some of the things they got up to:

Our afternoon students visited the museum's Wonder Lab where they got to see all kinds of weird and wacky experiments and science equipment including a camera that detects your body heat..

... and this mirror that shows your reflection upside down!

Members of Julia's class visited the Space Exhibition where they collected information for their brand new Collingham newspaper which will be sold around the school on Friday!

Ella's class also visited the Space Exhibition. They are using the theme of science and technology to build robots for their presentation on Friday. While doing the project, they will learn different body parts and new adjectives to describe these body parts. 

The theme for Alvin's class this week is "Inventions". They also visited the Wonder Lab and will use what they saw in the lab as inspiration to create their own inventions which they will present to their family and friends on Friday!