Friday presentations

It's Friday and time again for our presentations! Julia's and Emilia's classes presented to us their wonderful play about Ariel and Axel, who live under the sea. The father, who is the King of the sea, is unhappy with how they are interacting with humans. The King does not believe that sea creatures and humans should be together, but when he sees how unhappy his children are, he brings his children's friends to them. There is a party at the end and everyone is happy!

Ella's class have been doing work on dinosaurs this week and the children told us about the dinosaur models they have been making.

Abbi's class have been learning about sea creatures. They made models of their favourite animals and told the audience about them.

Tania's class took some pictures of wildlife and explained to us the importance of animal conservation.
The students in Nij's class had also taken pictures of wildlife and selected poems to go with them. In addition, they explained to us how they emphasised certain colours in the original pictures in order to convey various emotions.
In addition to making models of exploding volcanoes, the students in Rory's class also reconstructed television interviews with survivors.
Several students also won prizes for their hard work this week.
It's been a very exciting week at Discovery Summer Collingham. Join us for another exciting week next Monday!